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Iain McKay and Maureen McKenna of Kilsyth Academy

(Photograph) - Secondary heads train their guns on millennium review as they call on Labour for new deal on funding.

Assistant heads are finally to be invited to join heads and deputes as the HAS inches towards becoming the association for senior managers. The first two signings were immediately announced as Iain McKay and Maureen McKenna of Kilsyth Academy (above).

The conference backed calls from the leadership to widen the association's base. Alistair Johnston, the outgoing president, forecast that in five years membership could rise above 1,000. "We now need to market ourselves more, so that senior staff will one day consider it to be the natural thing to join our ranks on appointment to a senior staff post in a secondary school," Mr Johnston said.

Nine years ago, the HAS opted to widen its base by admitting deputes, who now constitute a quarter of the membership of about 400.

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