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Ice cream of the crop in bite-sized courses

TAP-DANCING, speaking Chinese, maintaining tractors - all of the above are available in a bite-sized course somewhere near you.

I decided to go for a bit of tap-dancing in Tower Hamlets. Unfortunately, said the very helpful man from learndirect, the dance category was "off". But I could do either lantern-making or metal-embossing.

Office skills were also available, as were courses in food, drik and hospitality. These turned out to be getting a room ready for guests in 25 minutes and making ice cream.

Having failed on the tap-dancing front, the man from learndirect offered to tell the Learning and Skills Council that they could not meet my needs, and that this would be taken into account in the future.

Bite-sized courses, from June 25, call learndirect on 0800 100 900

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