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KS 23

The possibilities for using ICT in communications projects are extensive and the history of postal services is no exception. A good starting point might be for the class to create illustrated timelines, perhaps in Word or Publisher, showing the history of postal services. This is a useful vehicle for importing and formatting text and images, designing layouts and justifying choices according to audience. For a variation, create a website and incorporate hyperlinks.

KS 45

Frank Kermode's introduction to the Oxford Book of Letters estimates that in 1995 people wrote an average of six per week. What might be a current estimate, including text messages, emails and chat rooms? A survey among students' peers could evaluate current practices. Database and spreadsheet software form the basis of such a study, concluding with a variety of presentation methods to display and analyse the findings. This activity also has the possibility of being mapped across several subjects, such as English, maths, sociology and psychology. Extension work might include postal systems in other countries and cultures (past and present).

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