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ICT and literacy

MAKING CONNECTIONS: Using ICT in theLiteracy Hour - a resource book for teachers. pound;25 inc pamp;p. Devon Curriculum Services. Publications Desk, DCS, Great Moor House, Bittern Road, Sowton, Exeter EX2 7NL Tel: 01392 384839

This collection of case studies describes work that has been carried out in half a dozen primary schools and a special school, each case study meticulously outlined and set in both technical and curricular contexts.

A glitch in the production of the booklet has resulted in two unintended blank pages, the screenshots are fuzzy and the paper is shiny. So your pound;25 will not buy you a particularly professional production. What it does get you is a series of practical primary software suh as Textease and Clicker. The age and circumstances of the pupils are more varied than the activities, which have to be described as sound rather than inspired.

At least the ICT-timid will not be daunted, but it would have been good to see more evidence of animation and storyboarding.

Following the case studies there are additional chapters on planning and technical guidance, together with a hardware and software directory, and these may well prove the most useful sections of the document.

An accompanying CD-Rom contains an impressive multimedia history project using Hyperstudio, a collaborative production interestingly explained on the CD but hardly mentioned in the booklet.


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