ICT: It's all gone virtual

Teachers and pupils from more than 70 schools across Falkirk Council last week took part in a demonstration how technology was being used to raise attainment.

* Interactive yearbooks have been created containing school information, sound and video files and a summary of pupils' work. At the end of the year, parents will receive a personalised copy;

* Interactive whiteboards are used in innovative and motivational ways to engage pupils;

* Electronic voting tools are used where the responses of every pupil encourage more participation and quicker adapting of educational experiences;

* All age groups are using blogging and podcasting software to record events, activities and experiences for sharing outwith the school.

Julia Swan, director of education, said: "Feedback from teachers shows that pupils are more eager to participate - and attainment rises - as they use the ICT equipment to engage with learning."

Supporting the project is the Falkirk Virtual Teacher Centre - a website that provides resources for teachers and pupils for the use and development of ICT in the classroom. The site received 64,000 hits in March 2007.

* www.falkirkvtc.org.uk

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