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ICT links in the food chain

I did this cross-curricular project, which takes in science and ICT, with my Year 3 and 4 class. It was about food chains and introduced them to features of slideshow software and the Kidpix program.

We also used PowerPoint.

The children looked at food chains and discussed how the chain needs producers and consumers. We also made visits to various habitats including nearby Chopwell Woods and a wildlife area in the school grounds. They took pictures of each area and its wildlife, then each child chose a habitat, such as the school pond, a wood or the sea, and made a drawing of it on screen using Kidpix. They then drew the first animal in the chain, saved it, and moved on to the next one, saving this also, and so on until the whole chain was drawn in a sequence.

Higher-ability children labelled the pictures on screen using key vocabulary written on the whiteboard. Then in pairs at the computers they imported their pictures into a slideshow which could be shown either on a computer or a projector. If you use PowerPoint a voiceover can also be added. Seeing their pictures as a short film with sound reinforced the idea of a chain and ensured they knew all the key words.

ICT co-ordinator for Years 3 and 4, High Spen Primary School, Gateshead

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