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Britannica on the board

ICT supplier Hitachi has teamed up with Encyclopaedia Britannia to offer a free three-month trial of the encyclopaedia's schools online edition. The trial is only available to schools using Hitachi's interactive whiteboards, and can be accessed through the StarBoard 9.2 software. As well as articles and illustrations, the online edition also includes video, animations, interactive games and lesson plans, as well as a text-to-speech facility so pupils can choose to have articles read to them. To register for the trial, visit http:tinyurl.comhitachiboards

Safety message goes online

The Children's Safety Education Foundation has developed new digital editions of some of its programmes for children and young people. The charity, which works with schools on issues ranging from fire and road safety to anti-bullying and drugs prevention, has produced a range of resources tailored for both primary and secondary pupils. For details, go to

Sound studio on the go

Olympus has launched a new digital sound recorder that offers users an easier way to edit recordings. The LS-5 Linear PCM, which has a 2GB memory, records 24-bit files that can be edited directly on the device rather than having to be transferred to a computer. The recorder is supplied with audio management software and costs #163;199.99.

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