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Database of death

TES ICT has collated a series of resources from Digital Schoolhouse to develop students' confidence with databases through analysing Tanya Landman's murder mystery, Certain Death.

What is it?

Pupils read the book and consider the deadly data that needs to be analysed in order to solve the mystery. The collection includes:

- a design task where pupils have to illustrate their favourite scene in the book or redesign the cover;

- a literacy task where students must rewrite the final chapter;

- a tree structure for a branching database;

- a suspects spreadsheet with data cards for each individual;

- clues to guide the decision-making process;

- a tutorial video to help students create their own database;

- a tutorial for filtering spreadsheets to find out more about suspects;

- final task: can students use all the information they have gathered to build a branching database and identify the murderer?

What else?

Digital Schoolhouse has shared nearly 100 free ICT resources, from multimedia presentations to Pro-Bot guides, supporting learning in many subjects. Check out its profile on TES Resources.

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