ICT resources for history

School history is Andrew Field's own website offering a wide collection of ways to make effective use of ICT within history. The section offers practical example uses of ICT applications.


The PRO's Learning Curve website contains a wide ranging collection of online resources, together with a particularly useful teachers' guide written by Ben Walsh.


Spartacus on Schoolnet is a huge site full of online encyclopedia content - excellent for source materials for pupils to use and manipulate.


Other history teacher websites offer both information for pupils as well as additional ideas for ICT within history. These are all part of www.byteachers.org.uk

Association of Teachers' Websites www.ActiveHistory.co.uk

Wolverhampton Grammar School www.SchoolsHistory.org.uk

Laisterdyke High School www.HistoryLearningSite.co.uk

Sackville Community College www.weatherheadhistory.ik.org

Weatherhead High School www.HistoryontheNet.co.uk

The Cambridgeshire work on the Multiversum project http:edweb.camcnty.gov.ukcamgridmultiversum

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