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Inspired riffs for aspiring rockers

Wannabe rockers can sign up now for new exams specifically for students who want to play a mean rock guitar.

The Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT) exams offer students of all ages and standards a chance to gain accredited qualifications in performing classic tracks. Numbers include favourites such as Smoke on the Water and All Right Now (beginners), The Boys are Back in Town and Layla (intermediate) and tracks from Led Zeppelin, Santana and Korn for advanced musicians.

Aural tests, improvisations that focus on the core lead and rhythm-playing skills that rock guitarists need, also form part of the exam.

RGT exams director Tony Skinner said: "The new rock guitar exams are in addition to our existing electric guitar exams and are not replacing them. But guitar teachers and students seem excited by the prospect of being able to play such a great choice of classic rock tracks as part of their exam."

The registry has produced course handbooks to help students prepare for the exams, available at www.booksforguitar.com

What else?

Try a rock `n' roll dance routine shared by laurencasoria. Or for contemporary artists, Caroline Firman has shared a short starter activity based on the music of Jeff Buckley.

Links to all resources in this issue are at www.tes.co.ukresources006.

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