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Comic caricatures

Classical art is inspiring, but it isn't always popular with pupils. Indulge their interests while developing their drawing technique with a manga scheme of work from Jono Carney.

What is it?

A 12-lesson scheme of work that introduces the manga style, guiding pupils through the process of creating their own characters, including:

Ideas for introducing the history and style of manga.

A research lesson to help develop skills in finding information.

Six lessons on developing drawing techniques in the manga-ka style, focusing on each part of the body in detail.

More complex technique advice, helping pupils to provide a guide to their characters and create action poses for them.

What else?

Why not use this scheme of work as the starting point for a cross-medium project and study anime as well? Tynybanwen shares a PowerPoint resource introducing Japanese animated film, with a storyboard project for pupils to create their own.

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