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ICT system that could save two days a week

I read with interest the ICT Guide that came with The TES (January 7) and wholeheartedly agree that even though ICT budgets have reduced greatly, investing wisely in the right systems can help schools make further savings.

ICT isn't purely about enhancing teaching methods in the classroom - innovation should be embraced across the entire school to bring in efficiencies.

One area that is central to the smooth running of a school is effective monitoring and management of pupil behaviour.

In my experience, implementing a well-designed behaviour management ICT system could save the average secondary school of approximately 1,000 pupils one or two days per week in administration time, compared with a paper-based system.

Schools should see the budgetary cuts as an opportunity to review overall school policies and find areas, such as ICT, where the right innovation can make a real difference.

Ed Whittaker, Chemistry teacher, behaviour manager and founder of IRIS online behaviour management system, Stockport, Cheshire.

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