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'The ICT test was ridiculous'

Amy Seymour, 22 (above) PGCE English, Leeds University

It's going well so far. The highlight for me is the younger ones in Year 7.

I've been pleasantly surprised by that. I thought they would irritate me, but their enthusiasm was infectious, unlike the bottom set in Year 9, who I grew to love, but who hated absolutely anything that constituted work.

I 'm just starting my second placement. In my first school, my mentor was quite critical, but that was helpful in the end. It helped identify where I needed to improve.

I think they - the university - ought to spend more time on classroom management issues. BA Ed students get all this as part of their course, but there isn't enough time on the PGCE course to cover everything.

I hated the numeracy test. I passed it after taking it three times, but passing it doesn't make me any better at maths. I just had to do a lot of preparation, but I hate maths and, in two years, I will have forgotten it all. And the ICT test was ridiculous, nothing like the actual way people use computers.

I'm in Leeds and there seems to be a lot of competition for jobs from other student teachers in this area. I know people on the course who intend to leave the job after a couple of years.

I think I'll still be in teaching in three years' time. I'm looking forward to it. I enjoy it.

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