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ICT vision gets the thumbs-up

Teachers have given the Govern-ment a positive pre-election message for its ICT policies and the National Grid for Learning strategy.

They showed broad acceptance of, and approval for, Government initiatives, but with reservations about provision and support, according to a survey conducted at the Education Show by TES Online, the British Education Suppliers Association (Besa) and RM.

A clear majority were well aware of the NGFL initiative and were extremely positive about the benefits of ICT for education. They were not so enthusiastic, however, about support and training, and the demands of the varous national initiatives. For example, most of the respondents were extremely positive about the value of laptops in their work, but were evenly divided on being required to make a financial contribution to ownership.

"The biggest issues stopping teachers moving forward are time restraints and a lack of access to the necessary technology. This very much reflects the findings of the Besa 2000 ICT survey,"said Besa director Ray Barker.

A summary is on the TES Online, Besa and RM websites, with the full survey on Besa's site.

Merlin John

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