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Big Band in a Day

Do your pupils have what it takes to work with a professional big band to create a performance? Ronnie Scott's in London - one of the oldest jazz clubs in the world - is now offering monthly "Big Band in a Day" workshops for secondary school pupils.

What is it?

Pupils spend an afternoon with the Ronnie Scott Jazz Orchestra, watching, learning and rehearsing, before delivering an evening performance on the club's main stage.

Pupils must be from a London school, aged 12-17 and a minimum of grade 5 in an appropriate instrument. Workshops will take place on the first Sunday of the month from 4 March. To apply, schools should contact Nick Lewis:

What do people say?

"I really enjoyed just playing music all day, especially with such great (and funny) people. Standing up playing a solo where so many famous people have played before me felt great," says Tom, a pupil.

What else?

Jez Brewer takes pupils on a jazzy journey through time with his brief history of the genre. Get your pupils creating jazz improvisation with Graham Hickey's scheme of work.

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