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Ideas to brighten up your loos;Miscellany

In the spring issue of the magazine a reader asked for tips on how to improve nursery and infant toilets, making them less intimidating for young children but without spending a fortune on new sanitary ware etc. D L. Beeley, Building Supervisor at Lowfield Primary School in Sheffield had the following suggestions: * Most toilets do not have satisfactory natural light so change light fittings from tungsten to fluorescent to increase light emission and reposition light fittings to give more light in cubicle spaces.

* Redecorate with lightbright colours in gloss finish which reflects better into dark corners, is easier to clean and more resistant to urine spillages.

* Ask for parent volunteers to carry out the work or, alternatively, try to find people through the variety of Government training schemes.

* There may be local companies willing to donate materials.

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