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If it were enough just to look old...

MY 70-year-old mother whispered into my ear recently "You are only as old as you feel!"

So what's all this fuss about the plans to make us teach for another five years?

I may be a fairly young headteacher at merely half my mum's age, but turning around a failing school into a very successful one has obviously taken its toll: the grey hairs are beginning to appear already.

Last week, for example, one of my reception class pupils stated quite categorically "You are too old to be a headmaster!" "Why?" I foolishly enquired. Back came the stinging reply "Because it's a very, very long time since you were little like me."

So if I am really am as old as I feel, then I'm not going to get a chance of dying on the job. Rather I reckon I can retire at the end of this term.


Steve Williamson Headteacher St Stephen's C of E primary school Dorset Road Lambeth, London SW8

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