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If only they were microwaves

I was incensed by the letters from Gillian James (the head of a grant-maintained school) and Emrys Batchelor (TES, September 27).

Ms James writes about having "greater choice about earmarked funds-and greater funds", but does not mention that this is to the detriment of schools who choose to stay within local education authority control. Surely, the least all schools should expect is greater choice about earmarked funds and greater funds, irrespective of whether they are GM or funded through the LEA.

Emrys Batchelor suggests that schools due for an Office for Standards in Education inspection should take a leaf from the book of industry and institute regular internal audits. The difficulty is that the agenda of OFSTED is not necessarily one a school would wish to use.

In addition, Mr Batchelor likens schools to industries, suggesting that we should be able to consistently produce quality products (pupils) and services (education). Again, we are not talking about the same thing - microwave ovens or cars, for instance, are much easier to judge for quality than pupils.

SHEILA GIBBON 40 Buttermere Road North Shields, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

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