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Ignorance of the Arab world

Being one of the "unlucky" teachers, who worked in Kuwait (TES, October 28) I was strongly hurt and upset after reading Eileen Denton's letter (TES, November 11).

Although she might mean well being worried about the "British fortitude and integrity", she obviously has no idea how a country like Kuwait is run.

Her opinions about "Arab countries" are rather simplified and show a lack of knowledge of the Arab world.

She shouldn't confuse a country such as Kuwait with any Third World country. Even after the Gulf war of two years ago, Kuwait remains a very rich nation.

In Kuwait, for example, people know about hygiene (in fact, in an Islamic country, it is a priority).

Well-built houses and schools in which the inside is protected against sand and dust do exist; and most Arab people certainly do sleep in beds.

I am a teacher from Holland who lived and worked in inner London for about three years. I am the last person to make a fuss about luxury.

I feel strongly insulted when Ms Denton accuses me of "spineless whingeing".

The conditions in this school (and I am not talking about other schools in Kuwait, or anywhere else in the world) were humiliating, not only for the teachers, but also for the Kuwaiti children and parents.


Supply teacher

Tower Hamlets

London E1

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