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Image copyright

There are a number of copyright exceptions that apply to education, according to the UK's Patent Office. The following are relevant to images:

* Copying a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work in the course of instruction by the person giving or receiving instruction as long as a reprographic process is not used.

* Anything copied for the purpose of setting or answering examination questions. This does not cover photocopying music that is to be performed in an examination.

* The performance, playing or showing of copyright works in an educational establishment for educational purposes, but only where teachers, pupils and others directly connected with the activities of the establishment are in the audience - does generally not include parents.

In many cases, copies of the relevant work must be accompanied by an acknowledgement of the title and author except where this is impractical or otherwise impossible. faqcopyrightmore_faqs.htm

Additional information is also available on the CD-Rom Net Benefit, which covers copyright law as well as safe shopping and accessing information. It includes a comprehensive teacher pack with worksheets. Any school wanting to know more or wanting a copy of Net Benefit can email or call 020 7844 5444.

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