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Image problems

The images in TES Magazine for the article "Will your past catch up with you?" were highly inappropriate.

They do not best reflect the contentious issues that the article attempts to address. In fact, such images only reinforce the sexual stereotypes that we believe must be challenged.

An NUT survey "A Serious Business" clearly showed that sexism is alive in our schools and must be treated as a serious problem. It revealed that 49 per cent of respondents had experienced sexist language between pupils, 38 per cent had experienced sexual bullying between pupils and the same proportion had encountered sexual language from pupils to staff.

The TES could have sought more appropriate pictures to represent the issue of "one's past catching up with them". We hope that in the future more sensitivity be shown to the complex issues of sexual stereotyping.

Ros McNeil, Principal officer, gender, LGBT and disability equality, NUT.

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