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Imaginations by Freya Rumble

This is one of several poems from Tolworth Junior School. The school holds an annual poetry competition and the children themselves choose the winner.

I liked this poem by Freya Rumble for its sharp, fresh images, simple form and clever use of repetition. Here is a poem which sings both on and off the page. Maura Dooley

Poem by Freya Rumble, aged 8, who receives Stopping for Death and Loss, edited by Carol Ann Duffy, published by Viking. Submitted by Joe Powderley, Tolworth Junior School, Surrey, who receives the Poetry Society's teachers' newsletter.

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There's a cockerel inside me that crows and makes my blood bubble.

There's a sheepdog inside me that barks all day.

There's a pencil inside me that writes on my heart.

There's a chair inside me that sits there as still as stone.

There's a person inside me that reads the newspaper.

There's a book inside me that my lips read.

There's a sharpener inside me that sharpens my lungs.

There's a bird inside me that flies around my tongue.

There's a cockerel inside me that crows and makes my blood bubble.

Freya Rumble.

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