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Imitation is the highest flattery

INSULT is heaped on injury at the Campaign for State Education, smarting over David Blunkett's refusal to meet them over grammar schools and his crazy ballot rules.

Now CASE learns of a new DFEE magazine - it would have been launched by Tony Blair himself on Tuesday if the farmers hadn't got out of hand - to help parents help their children.

Great idea, says CASE. Great title, too (Parents and Schools). So great that CASE has been using that title themselves for more than 30 years for their own magazine.

"The House ofCommons library has a subscription and we have sent copies to David Blunkett for years," fumes the campaign's Margaret Tulloch. "So it's not as if they'd never heard of it." Presumably, Blunkett's free copy was withdrawn when he started pandering to the selection lobby.

CASE has written to the Education Secretary "more in sorrow than anger". But there could be a silver lining. Don't people sue over this kind of thing? A nice win in the courts would bankroll a decent crack at getting rid of grammar schools after all.

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