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MEETING SEN IN THE CURRICULUM SERIES (English, Maths, History, Citizenship, Design Technology, Modern Foreign Languages). David Fulton. pound;25 each.

Secondary teachers have waited a long time for this excellent series. It provides clear guidance on how to deal with the various special educational needs of many young people who are now being educated in mainstream schools.

Recent guidance and legislation regarding inclusion are carefully explained. Each book deals with a subject area and offers advice on how to differentiate appropriately to ensure all young people can access the curriculum. There are examples of model departmental policies, clear explanations of most special needs labels, tips on how to work with learning support assistants and advice on monitoring and assessment.

There are also examples of model individual education plans and recommendations for appropriate ICT resources. The sensible advice on course work and exam concessions will help many busy teachers.

Each book has a CD containing activities and record sheets that can be amended for individual pupils so that relevant information and ideas can be passed on to staff who are teaching specific children. Being able to increase the font size and spacing of the recommended classroom resources will improve accessibility, as will changing the colour of the paper for worksheets.

This is an extremely useful series for secondary teachers, subject heads, special needs co-ordinators, learning support assistants and local authority advisers - and individual books are a sound investment for subject teachers.

Angie Rutter

Specialist teacher, communication and interaction team, Buckinghamshire

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