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Making Inclusion Work for Children with Dyspraxia: practical strategies for teachers. By Gill Dixon and Lois M Addy. Routledge Falmer. pound;16.99

Mainstream teachers and special educational needs co-ordinators (Sencos) should have this welcome and common sense book on their shelves. It includes minimal jargon and practical suggestions for all areas of the curriculum.

The "understanding parents" section has a list of what not to do that should be noted by any professional who wants to engage with parents of children with difficulties.

The chapter on inclusive physical education is particularly helpful. PE should be a lesson where co-ordination skills are improved. It can help gross motor and fine motor skills, such as handwriting. Yet it is often a time when children may feel their difficulties are shown up in front of their peers, damaging their self esteem.

The general strategies at the end of the book are very practical but could have been easier to read. However, this book offers many useful ideas, and not only for children with co-ordination disorders.

Amanda Kirby

Director, Dyscovery Centre, Cardiff

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