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Induction year for teachers;Briefing;Document of the week


Every new teacher is entitled to:

* work with the best schools in the area - through visits or at seminars; * mentoring by an experienced teacher - and to observe and be observed by them; * regular observation and feedback; * regular discussions - with those most closely involved in the programme to assess progress and set targets; * training courses - to meet their needs identified in their career entry profile or thrown up during the year; * visit special schools - and work with their own school's special needs co-ordinator to learn to identify and meet the needs of SEN pupils in mainstream schools; * observation and feedback from their headteacher - and to discuss any difficulties they may be having; * join working groups in their school and networks of newly-qualified teachers in their area.


What a qualified teacher must be able to do * assess pupils' strengths and weaknesses and their performance against targets, tests and exams; * set targets for improvement; * monitor progress and use appropriate strategies to motivate pupils to achieve targets; * identify and support low-achievers, using specialist help where needed; * identify needs of SEN pupils including drafting and running individual education plans with the special needs co-ordinator; * secure good behaviour in the classroom through a regime of rules and discipline, and pre-empt and deal with inappropriate behaviour; * foster a sense of social responsibility among pupils; * take advantage of opportunities created by ethnic and cultural diversity; * liaise with parents via oral and written reports, discussing targets and encouraging them to support their children's learning; * deploy support staff in the classroom; * implement school policies and practices eg on bullying; * contribute effectively to school development and meeting targets; * take responsibility for their own future professional development.

Induction year for teachers

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