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BRISTOL UNIVERSITY PROJECT: RESEARCH REQUEST For 40 years the Elizabeth Nuffield Educational Fund has awarded grants and loans to women ineligible for local authority awards or needing help with child care and the like. Recipients include trainee teachers or students on access to teaching courses, from whom feedback is welcomed (in confidence) on how their careers have progressed as a result of their training. The project will map the changing role of women in the workplace. For more information contact: Stephanie Spencer, ENEF, 28 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3EG.


Host schools are urgently sought by April for 70 Japanese volunteer interns coming to Britain to teach Japanese language and culture. They stay for one to three terms and lodge locally with a host family for which they pay Pounds 50 a week (at boarding schools they usually live in). Subjects taught include: calligraphy, origami, the economics and geography of Japan, flower arranging and martial arts. Details: International Internship Programs, 0171 603 8518 (telfax).

JOINT HOLIDAY PROJECT Volunteers are sought by the National Asthma CampaignEczema Society to spend a week on an activity holiday in the UK looking after children with asthma or eczema. All accommodation, food and equipment is provided and travel expenses reimbursed. A training weekend is held in the Lake District in early March. Details: Michael Fantom, National Asthma Campaign, 0171 226 2260.

BRITISH UNIVERSITIES NORTH AMERICA CLUB (BUNAC) Bunacamp's Work AmericaCanada programmes have long offered full-time and gap-year students the chance to work in the host country for up to a year, or to spend a summer at US children's camps as a Bunacamp counsellor. There are also Work Jamaica and Teach in Jamaica programmes and a Work Australia scheme, offering 18- to 25-year-olds the chance to work and travel "down under" for up to a year. New for 1997 are worktravel programmes to Ghana, South Africa and New Zealand. Details: 0171 251 3472.

EARTHWATCH SCIENTIFIC EXPEDITIONS Environmental charity Earthwatch invites full-time science teachers to join expenses-paid overseas research projects for two weeks during the summer. Glaxo Wellcome is supporting 20 teachers to take part in projects in the Czech Republic and Mallorca, and 3M United Kingdom plc is supporting 20 teachers for projects ranging from studying European songbirds in Hungary to helping Californian wildlife. Details: Philippa Roberts, 01865 311600 or e-mail:

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