For her book on the neuro-biological condition, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Gail Miller wishes to hear from parents who have struggled to get appropriate medical, psychiatric, psychological or educational help for their children. Have you consulted "specialists", who, because they "like to look at the whole family" or "don't believe in ADHD", or are ignorant of the condition, made you feel they "blamed the parents"? Please write or record your story on to a cassette tape and send to: 127 Embleton Road, Methley, Leeds LS26 9DA. Information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

VOLUNTARY SERVICE OVERSEAS VSO is hoping to attract teachers forced to take early retirement due to the new ruling on pension provision. Years of professional experience combined with energy, commitment, adaptability, cultural sensitivity and a sense of humour would make them ideal candidates for volunteer work in the world's poorest countries. Vacancies exist for teachers at all levels. Applicants should be without dependants, able to spend at least two years overseas for a modest "local" rate of pay, and have unrestricted right of re-entry into the UK. Details: 0181 780 1331.

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