Music for Youth would like to hear from anyone who has performed in a regional festival, the National Festival of Music for Youth or the Schools Prom at the Royal Albert Hall since MFY began in 1971. Details: 0181 870 9624;e-mail: SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP PRIZE

A sponsorship prize of Pounds 5,000 will be awarded to the winner of the Franco-British Council's Education and Environment Award, which invites schools to carry out a practical environmental project with a partner school in France. Projects can range from recycling to local conservation, fighting pollution to waste disposal. Closing date: December 15. Details: Ruth Kitching, Franco-British Council (British Section), 0171 976 8380;e-mail: fbc@cix. HELP THE BLIND IN ALGERIA

Education materials are urgently required, especially frames, styles, Perkins Braillers and recorded material on standard cassettes. Please send to: Mohamed Banaziza, National Organisation for the Blind of Algeria, 5 Boulevard Said Hamdine, Hydra, Algiers, Algeria.

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