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Parents and guardians of students in the UK could considerably reduce the expense of putting a relative through college by joining the NASHES scheme, a register and matching service whereby families offer free term-time board and lodgings to a student on the basis that their own student relative receives a reciprocal arrangement within the guest student's home. Membership is Pounds 35. Details: 01276 418207 LANGUAGE BURSARIES

From September, the International School of London, 139 Gunnersbury Avenue, London W3, is offering language bursaries for new students aged 13-14 wishing to study Japanese or Spanish as a second language option up to GCSE level. Students will already have demonstrated an aptitude for foreign languages by reaching at least level 7 in the national curriculum (normally in French). Details: 0181 992 5823.


A leisure bus service useful to walkers and cyclists visiting the western half of the Ridgeway National Trail west of Streatley on the River Thames. Passengers simply get off at one stop, walk or cycle as far as they wish, and then catch a later bus to take them home. Single fare tickets range from 70p to Pounds 2.70 (bargain fares available). Send SAE to Jos Joslin, Ridgeway officer, Countryside Services, Department of Leisure and Arts, Holton, Oxford OX33 1QQ.


Paula Williams took a year off before starting her European Business Studies degree at Kingston University. All went well until she collapsed in JFK airport, New York, on 21 August 1994 just as she was about to fly home. She was helped by Phil, a deputy head in London, but was too ill to say thank you properly. If you are that "good Samaritan" or know who he is, please contact her at 3 Chiltern Close, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire RG9 1RH, 01491 577827.

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