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Information quest stymied by edict

HAVING taken the day off work due to bad asthma, I sat at home reading The TES from cover to cover - an unusual luxury.

I came across the advert from the Department for Education and Employment about the performance-management information (TES, November 17). As a newly appointed deputy head, I thought I'd order the booklet.

Sadly, it wasn't as easy as I had hoped. Despite giving my school address, she said I couldn't order unless I had our school DFEE number. Oddly enough this wasn't something I had to had. As I put the phone down, all sorts of questions came to me.

Why did the DFEE not know our school's number? Do they not believe our school exists without it? Why have they put this edict in place? Are there people pretending to be teachers who are ordering booklets just for the hell of it?

So, now I'm no nearer to uncovering the great mysteries of perfomance management but have found out a lot about the mysteries of the DFEE.

Julia Miller

20 Elmwood Crescent

Luton, Bedfordshire

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