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The operation at Banks Lane is focused on what Liza Austin-Strange knows best: folk music and dance. And yet it's not so rooted that it's static - neither Liza nor the young people themselves will allow it to become fossilised.

* It is a team effort. Liza has dedicated helpers who make it possible for her to exercise her leadership and skills.

8 Liza has the support of Banks Lane School, where she teaches part-time, so there's a fruitful and creative relationship between the school and the Trust.

* The funding and advice from Youth Music have been crucial to the Trust.

* The Trust reached the point of critical mass: anyone starting something like this has to take disappointments until it can generate its own momentum. Related to this is the following concept.

* Role models - successful and keen older players and dancers encourage younger ones, the Fosbrook trainees (Youth Music funding assumes the involvement of "apprentices").

* The Trust operates open access. As Liza says: "Everyone gets a go." The only qualification is willingness to try.

* Youth Music is a charity that supports music making for up to 18-year-olds.

Information on Fosbrook performances, recordings, teaching and events from Fosbrook Folk Education Trust, The Tidy House, 2 Highgate Road, Hayfield, High Peak SK22 2JL Tel: 01663 746089 Email:

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