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Initial hints for the interview

Invest in a good quality outfit . . . not too dull, not too daring.

Negative attitudes will never help you. Feel positive about your prospects.

Turn up in good time so you have time to refresh yourself if you need to.

Ensure you keep a copy of your application. It will be referred to in the interview.

Research as much as you can about the school and its role in the community.

Versatility is becoming essential in schools. Make sure you let the panel know how flexible you are able to be.

Identify your ambitions and goals in advance to avoid having to think (or bluff) on the spot.

Establish a good rapport with your interviewers by being warm and open.

What have you hot to offer us? Why do you want to work here? Be prepared to answer these questions.

Trim your nails and make sure your hands are in good shape. You will probably have to shake a lot of hands.

Earnings: don't leave the interview without establishing what scale point you will be on if offered the job.

Calm yourself through deep breathing and clear thinking. Try some Bach Rescue Remedy if all else fails.

Hobbies are an indication of character type. Be prepared to discuss yours.

Newly qualified teachers should receive a programme of induction. Ask what support will be made available.

Imprudence - speaking ill of previous employers - should be avoided at all costs.

Question your panel . . . there will usually be something that hasn't been clarified.

Underestimation of skills and experience is a common mistake. Be honest about just how much you have to offer.

Enjoy yourself, even if you feel that the interview has been a complete disaster.It will have been valuable experience.

Smile, but not inanely! Make your panel feel you would be happy to accept the post.

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