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The Inside Story

Primary. Undertake a local study focusing on the location of different hedges.

List where they are found and their purpose. Try to discover who planted them and draw some conclusions about planting in the local area.

* Use a digital camera to take photographs of hedges found in the local neighbourhood. Frame different sections of the hedge using a viewfinder and accurately draw what you observe. Show how the different sections vary.

* Study the top, middle and lower sections of a hedge. Examine what is found under the hedge. Record what you find, carefully identifying the mini-beasts and their habitat.

* Write a letter to a local newspaper complaining about the continuing removal of hedges and hedgerows. Ensure the letter identifies their positive contribution.

* Visit a local garden centre to study which species of plantstrees make good hedges. Purchase some specimens and plant a school hedge. Tend the new plants and record the growth patterns as the plants mature and the hedge develops.

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