Inspectors are all fully checked

Your report on Estyn's policy of re-checking inspectors through the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) (TES Cymru, January 21) may have led readers to believe that some inspectors on our lists were not fully checked on appointment. That is not the case.

Here at Estyn, the education and training inspectorate in Wales, we are sign-posting the way ahead for teachers and others who supervise children with our policy of regular CRB re-checks for inspectors.

All our inspectors are properly checked before they undertake any work for us. In addition, they are now subject to re-checking at three-yearly intervals. Estyn's policy and procedures are clearly an example of good practice in UK education.

We made this quite plain in a written statement to TES Cymru. I am disappointed you did not make this clear in your report.

Susan Lewis

Chief Inspector of Education and Training for Wales

Estyn Cardiff

Editor's comment: Our story made it clear that all Estyn inspectors had been subject to the checks required at the time of their appointment.

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