Inspectors join feedback frenzy

Are teachers over-inspected? Is the Pope a Catholic? The real question for contributors to The TES website's discussion forum is just how ridiculous the over-inspection can get. One correspondent boasts: "The teacher-training establishment I trained with four years ago had an OFSTED inspection. The inspector was being inspected. I taught a lesson observed by my mentor. In the room were: an inspector inspecting an inspector inspecting a teacher teaching a teacher to teach. This is true! I did get excellent feedback."

But the title of the most inspected professional in Britain went to the teacher who had to impress the following: "An inspector watching a training inspector watching a national vocational qualification assessor who was being observed by the internal verifier whose systems were being checked by the external verifier during a Qualifications and Curriculum Authority spot check. One NVQ student was being observed, so a six-to-one ratio. We wonder why the bills for assessment go up."

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