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'Inspiring' and always appropriate

As a former pupil of Sima Abramovitz and someone who was inspired by her teaching, I felt compelled to write to you ("Extra training gets teacher who taped pupil's lips shut out of sticky situation", June 4).

Ms Abramovitz taught me at a secondary school in Alton around the ages of 14 to 16 (I'm now 26). My interest and love of drama was nurtured by her and she influenced my feelings about the subject so much that I achieved an A* in drama GCSE. I continued to study the subject passionately at college and university.

Her enthusiasm and energy were infectious and while I remember her to be a tactile person, not once do I remember her going beyond any conceivable point of acceptability.

It truly would have been a loss to the profession for a person with such passion and imagination to be prevented from teaching in the future.

Stephanie Taylor, Alton.

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