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Institute for exaggerating

In response to James Noble Rogers' piece on the Institute for Learning ("IfL has helped the Cinderella sector to shine, 15 April)":

1. The 2009 satisfaction survey elicited responses from only 4 per cent of IfL members. Approximately 5,000 from a membership of around 195,000 explicitly reported satisfaction - a very small number.

2. It is not surprising that membership has grown - it is legally enforced as a condition of employment.

3. Are those wishing to boycott the IfL a vocal minority? There are plenty of silent people who resent compulsory membership but are obliged to renew it because employers have written letters of threatening tone saying they must.

4. It's no surprise there are one million visits to the IfL website a year. Members have to visit it at least twice a year: once to renew membership and once to declare their CPD.

One doesn't particularly mind the assertion that the IfL has raised the professional status of FE teachers. As it has received large amounts of public money hitherto, one would hope that this is true. But the other claims are meagre.

cardoon, via

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