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An insult to returning women

I write to you much more in anger than in sorrow. I refer to the School Teachers' Review Body's recommendation that teachers moving schools or returning to teaching after a break will be allowed to surrender voluntarily discretionary spine points for experience outside teaching. I find it unbelievable that any Secretary of State, let alone a woman, should find such a chauvinistic idea acceptable.

Most teachers returning after a break are women and this recommendation will have the effect of pressuring them into accepting lower salaries than they are entitled to, simply in order to get a job.

I hope that every teacher, male or female, will make clear to the Secretary of State their opposition to this recommendation, the purpose of which is to further denigrate the status and lower the salaries of what is a predominantly female profession.

JOHN PARKINSON Doncaster branch secretary Association of Teachers and Lecturers.

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