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Internet entrepreneur is skating towards success

As he sat wondering what to do in the last few days of the school holidays, 13-year-old Edward Eastman suddenly had an idea.

The skateboard-loving teenager's brainwave did not involve turning on the television or practising a new trick. Rather, it was the birth of a plan that would make him a young entrepreneur within six months.

Edward, a Year 8 pupil at St Bartholomew's school, Berkshire, has launched a web-based company, Gosch Extreme ( It gives skateboarding fans the chance to send in their own photographs or video clips, pick up and swap a host of tips and tricks and buy a range of Gosch-branded clothing.

Edward was one of seven students chosen by his school, a business and enterprise college, to attend sessions in financial management, marketing, ICT and business skills.

Edward said: "One session involved a visit to Lloyds TSB, where they gave me advice about including smaller items like key rings and pens, which myself and my friends could afford."

While orders for clothes and big items come direct from an American company, the key rings and pens are produced in the United States but sent out from Edward's home.

He has not yet made his fortune. Indeed, profits from the company are yet to reach pound;50. Even so, Edward believes the experience has given him a useful taste of business. His next plan is to set up a website that will showcase up and coming local bands.

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