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TELLING TES readers about an Internet advertisement for a US subscription service may seem a bit perverse.

But the Educational Research Newsletter is such a good idea, and the taster articles offered as enticement to pay for it are so clearly written that it would be a disservice not to let you know of its existence.

The homepage is at Ten years worth of titles can be searched at http:www.ernweb.comern_membersarchivesarcsearch.cfm.

A smaller selection of complete articles is available at http:www.ernweb.comern_membersarchivesarcsearchSamples.cfm.

To get all the free articles (52 at the time of writing) leave all search choices blank and click the "Start Search" button.

A recent entry that caught my eye discusses evidence egarding the benefits of parents' involvement in school. The conclusion is that it does not necessarily help.

What is termed "positive parenting" is important, however. This is defined as a high level of warmth and low negativity - factors found in all ethnic and social groups.

To get straight to this topic, type "parent involvement" into the keyword box and click "Start Search".

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