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Internet insights

TEACHERS, governors or heads looking for research briefings and practical exercises on school target-setting can now access a set of free Internet resources provided by the Open University's Leadership Programme for Serving Headteachers. The home page is at:

From here there are links to review articles by Ralph Tabberer, chief executive of the Teacher Training Agency, Professor Carol Fitz-Gibbon, of Durham University, and Lesley Saunders of the General Teaching Council - a specialist in value-added measurement.

There is also a set of input boxesto help readers construct charts of a school's most and least optimistic predictions, and a link to the Department for Education and Employment's material on national achievements for comparison. The chart builder starts at:

You can type in your past five years' percentage figures for GCSEs at C and above, and at the press of a button you have a neat coloured graph comparing your results with the national trend.

Readers can e-mail suggestions on future Internet Insights to Sam

Saunders at

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