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Are you using all of your "intelligences" in your school leadership? No, I thought not. The problem seems to be that the cleverest people are often outperformed by simpler souls whose C-grade IQ is more than compensated for by their A* EQ (emotional intelligence) and SQ (spiritual intelligence). Deficiencies in these areas might be holding you and your school back.

To sort yourself out, as a first step, click on: and read Howard Green's "Ten questions for school leaders".

Mr Green is a former head who has advised the Teacher Training Agency and the National College for School Leadership.

He suggests that toughness - so you can hang on to your principles in a climate of indifference or hostility - is an essential spiritual part of your leadership armoury. In fact it could be more vital than your ability to interpret targets from the Department for Education and Skills or write a convincing letter to would-be sponsors. It is what makes you a leader, rather than just a manager.

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