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"E-bullying", emotional bullying via the internet or the mobile phone, has attracted a lot of publicity recently because of its novelty value. But it is still face-to-face, or rather fist-to-face bullying that is the major concern in schools.

When it happens, the school policy is always to hand and most teachers are familiar with the checklists of what to notice and what to do. But researchers who have studied the causes and types of bullying - and, more rarely, the solutions - may also have some valuable advice to offer school managers.

Trinity College Dublin's anti-bullying centre, for example, offers an up-to-date analysis of factors, such as inconsistent discipline at home and in the school. It also has a section on e-bullying which may prove useful to schools.

The anti-bullying centre is co-ordinated by Dr Mona O'Moore, and its website is at:

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