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Paul, 32, is studying a PGCE in business and economics at London's Institute of Education

This week I'm... working on my assignment, 'Replacements for GNVQ', for my next placement school.

I'm determined to... make sure that in 20 years' time, there are people in the world whose lives I've made a difference to, for the better.

My teaching hero is... all the teachers who gave me a hard time about my "application, behaviour and effort" when I was at school.I resented them at the time, but these are the words I remember. If they hadn't cared, they would have said nothing.

I have been pleasantly surprised to find... how quick pupils are to accept student teachers. I get called "Sir".

But shocked to discover that... that teachers take on pupils' traits. They have to be given advice by their seniors, and seniors resort to bullying.

Teaching is... rewarding in ways that are difficult to measure.

This evening I'm... cooking smoked haddock and spinach with a powdered egg on top for my girlfriend's parents (with an eye on the football).

The education white paper is... a chance to accelerate social mobility.

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