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Melanie, 32, is studying for a PGCE in art and design (secondary) at the Institute of Education, London

This week I'm... panicking about my portfolio deadline. My portfolio presents my art skills in relation to my teaching practice in about 20 sheets. I have 10.

I'm determined to... to teach key stage 3.

My teaching hero is... my French teacher, Madame Medhurst. She was from Paris, very chic. And she got on very well with my mum.

I have been pleasantly surprised to find... how much I value the support of my colleagues. It is so valuable. I try to support them too. You think you are on your own but if you tap in to the support of your colleagues you see how they resolved problems.

But shocked to discover... how long I spend on things. I'm very thorough.

Teaching is... about establishing relationships with the children.

This evening I'm... watching CSI .

The education white paper is... Ruth Kelly should wear a hat. I'd rather she wasn't in the job.

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