Interviews that are a sham

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I refer to the letter "Job hunt leaves a sour taste" (FE Focus, November 2) where Bernard Urmston complains about the cavalier way in which interview candidates are treated.

I am annoyed at the number of interviews that I have been to where an internal candidate has got the job.

The interviewers go to great length to point out that everybody has an equal chance, but in the debrief excuses include "the internal candidate was the best fit", and "all things being equal you would have got the post but the internal candidate had been doing the post as a temporary measure and therefore had the edge".

Other candidates at interview also say they can tell when the internal candidate is going to get the post.

Why not save time, effort, not to mention the expense, and give the internal candidate the position in the first place instead of externally advertising a post and raising the hopes of external candidates?

Alan Sampson 59 Weston Street Portland Dorset

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Tes Editorial

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