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Invest in high standards;Letter

THE ARTICLE on Investors in People (TES, November 12) contained some potentially misleading information.

Firstly, the new approach to assessment is developmental and involves only minimal paperwork. Many training and education councils support assessment costs and provide low cost or no cost advisory support for schools.

Secondly, it is unhelpful to describe the standard as "a more systematic approach to training and improving employee communications". In fact, it is a framework for improvement, which helps schools to make a direct link between their goals and targets for pupils and all staff. It touches all aspects of a school, including planning, management effectiveness, training and development processes and making judgments about value for moneyresources invested in training and development activities.

In the spring, the Government launched a three-year Investors in People Strategy for Schools to encourage them to use the standard as part of their improvement strategy. Further information is available from Glenda Stainrod on 0114 2593623.

Ruth Spellman

Chief executive

Investors in People UK

7-10 Chandos Street

London W1M

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