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Investing in the future of Scottish history

Your leader of May 17 on "Myth and reality at 5-14" touched on at least some of the issues involved in the provision of support for the teaching of Scottish history.

In April Glasgow City Council inherited Strathclyde's Museum Education Service, of which the education officer was part. The budget crisis has now forced the virtual closure of that department. Consequently the prospects for source-based Scottish history, at least in the Glasgow area, are bleak as far as in-service, consultation and publishing are concerned.

I hope that Chris Whatley and his colleagues on the review group are aware of the valuable work done by local authorities. That work could have been built on. Instead local government reorganisation and budgetary pressure have all but brought it to a halt. Meanwhile there is little sign of a corresponding investment in Scottish history teaching by central government.

A M JACKSON City archivist Mitchell Library North Street Glasgow.

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