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Iron bar attacker to teach again

A teacher who was jailed for hitting a man over the head with an iron bar and leaving him in pool of blood will be allowed to teach again in two years' time.

Irshad Khan of Small Heath, Birmingham, is due for release from Sudbury open prison, Derbyshire, in November after serving half of a four-year sentence. He was convicted of grevious bodily harm after the attack in October 1999 which left his victim with long-term injuries.

Mr Khan, 34, was given leave from prison to appear before England's General Teaching Council last week. It gave him a two-year suspension order after concluding his behaviour was "unacceptable professional conduct".

The GTC heard that he hit a man twice over the head with a bar after being provoked outside a nightclub.

Christine Gale, chair of the GTC panel, said:

"What makes this matter more serious is that you drove off leaving the man in a pool of blood without notifying the ambulance or police services."

After the hearing, he said he was disappointed at the length of the suspension but grateful to be allowed to continue to teach.

Mr Khan, who was described by his former employers as an inspiring teacher, has spent his time in prison teaching inmates with learning difficulties.

"Teaching is in my blood," he said. "It's the one job that I've been very good at and I've enjoyed it to the full."

Anne Cole, head of Saltley school, Birmingham, where he had worked, said:

"He is one of the most outstanding and gifted teachers with whom I have had the privilege to work.

"In my view both pupils and the profession cannot long afford his absence."

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